Updated: August 16, 2017


  1. The schedule prior to August 9th included access to the Paddock and Registration and Tech Inspection during the evening of Thursday, August 18th. Unfortunately, this is not possible because the track has been rented to others on Thursday evening. Therefore, the first entry to the Paddock for BCHMR entrants will be on Friday, August 19th.
  2. The original schedule showed two ‘All Comers’ races – one on Saturday and one on Sunday – for Combined Vintage CW(A) and CW(B). Because the total number of entrants in theses two Vintage Closed Wheel (CW) Groups now significantly exceeds the track’s regulated maximum grid size for a single race, these two combined races have had to be split into a CW(A) race and a CW(B) race in those time slots.

These changes are reflected in the full schedule for the weekend, which is available here.