About the Track

Mission Raceway Park Road Course

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The Road Course at Mission Raceway Park is a challenging, nine turn, 2.25 km (1.4 mile) track alongside the beautiful and famous Fraser River. The track has been operated for over 20 years by the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) under a long standing lease arrangement with the B.C. Custom Car Association.

A lap starts with crossing the Start / Finish line on the high speed front straight. The Turn 1 right hand hairpin requires very heavy braking, offering a very popular passing opportunity. The cars then accelerate hard along the short straight from Turn 1 to the Greg Moore Turn, aiming directly at the spectators in those bleachers. It is important to have a smooth, tight line around Turn 2 to allow early, hard acceleration down the straight toward Turn 3.

If a faster car can’t overtake another down this straight, they may try out-braking them into the tight left hand Turn 3. Turn 3 has a unique rise in the middle which can quickly unsettle a car on the limit. There is again full throttle from the exit of Turn 3 right into Turn 4, then heavy braking into Turn 5 followed by careful acceleration to get around the left hand Turn 6 before accelerating again down the back straight into the tight Turn 7A / 7B chicane. Power is then steadily increased through Turns 8 and 9 so that the car is accelerating as hard as possible coming on to the front straight to cross the line and start another lap.

The most powerful cars will try to pull away down the straights while the more nimble ones will have more of an advantage in the tight turns. The large grandstands provide a view of most of the on-track action.

The SCCBC has been steadily improving the entire road racing facility over the years and many more upgrades are planned.

The track’s ‘street’ address is 32670 Dyke Road, Mission, BC.  Click here to get full directions to Mission Raceway Park from your own starting point.