The view from the lower right front wishbone of Mark Brown's Lotus Seven

The Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) has done a lot of work in the off-season to enhance the Mission Raceway Park Road Course. The most noticeable for the drivers are that the blocks on driver’s left entering Turn 3 have been moved well back, the sight line in Turn 6 has been substantially improved and the corner repaved, and the entrance to the Pits has been opened up.

Mark Brown, Lotus Seven S3 - Paul Bonner photo

You can get a real ground level view of these upgrades from Mark Brown’s video taken from the front wishbone of his two-time VRCBC REVS champion Lotus Seven S3 at the Vintage races during this year’s May 12-13 Mother’s Day Weekend event. And you get the added bonus of being able to look behind at the same time as well!

Just look for the video in the column to the right or click here.


Gunter Pichler, 1964 Jaguar E-Type in Turn 2. - Paul Bonner photo

Update May 10, 2012: The weather has been co-operating lately and all of the re-paving planned for the Paddock, Pre-Grid and Turn 6 has now been completed!

The Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) has been working on upgrades to the Mission Raceway Park Road Course throughout the off-season. Probably the most noticeable changes for drivers will be an expanded Pre-Grid, a more ‘straight-in’ exit from Turn 9 to the Pits and the opening up of the sight lines going into Turns 3 and 6. The actual track layout has not been changed but the view from the cockpit is better. You can spot the differences with these two in-car videos from long-time VRCBC racer Gunter Pichler in his well-known E-Type.

The first video is of Gunter’s best lap ever, done in 2011.

Fastest Lap

The second is a compilation from his first race – and first win – of the 2012 Season. 

First Win of 2012