[caption id="attachment_4149" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Look out, here they come! Turn One at the start of one of the very competitive races at the 2017 BCHMR. - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Updated: September 28, 2017

Well, that was a lot of fun! The weather was excellent, most of the grids were full and there were many competitive battles throughout the fields.

Here are the results by race group:

  • Vintage Closed Wheel A (Fast) Group (here)
  • Vintage Closed Wheel B (Faster) Group (here)
  • Vintage Open Wheel / Sports Racer / Exhibition (here)
  • All-Japanese Group (here)
The results are also available by individual race group and session on the 2017 Race Results page on this web site (here). Thanks very much to the SCCBC Timing & Scoring team and Marc Ramsay in particular. Update: See some of Brent Martin's photos below and his BCHMR report in the online edition of Vintage Racecar / Vintage Roadcar magazine (here). Thanks Brent!

[caption id="attachment_4176" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Our guest of honour at the 2017 BC Historic Motor Races was David Ousted, from our presenting sponsor Key West Ford. - Brent Martin photo[/caption] Posted: August 25, 2017 We were very pleased to have David Ousted, the very popular goalkeeper of the...

[caption id="attachment_3726" align="aligncenter" width="450"] This classic British sports car 'David and Goliath' battle perfectly illustrates why Vintage racing is so much fun. Karlo Flores and his 1959 Austin Healey 'Bugeye' Sprite chase Gunter Pichler and his 1964 Jaguar XKE during the 2016 BCHMR. - Brent...


Paul Bonner, one of the VRCBC's favourite Vintage Racing photo-journalists (and a long time supporter), has just had two of his stories about our 2012 BCHMR published. One is in the August 2012 issue of Vintage Drift (see cover above), the quarterly journal of our friends at SOVREN (www.sovren.org) and the other is in the Fall 2012 print issue of PRN Motorsport Magazine (www.prnmag.com) (see cover below). Great job Paul - thanks very much!

Unfortunately, neither article is available online but many VRCBC members will have already received their subscription copy of Vintage Drift. You can easily get your own subscription (only $25 per year for Canadian addresses) by contacting the Editor / Publisher, Martin Rudow, at Rudow Specialty Publishing, 6310 NE 74th #245, Seattle, WA 98115.  Phone: (206) 527-5301.

PRN is available at larger newstands across Canada.